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Generic Galaxy Phone Earphones

Generic Galaxy Phone Earphones


Sensitivity:102 (dB) Distortion:0.01 ( % ) Cable length:1 (m) Speaker diameter:30 Wired headset
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This Earphones  are a hands-free gadget that you can use to listen to music and any other audio recording while engaging your hands in other activities. It is made of durable metal and rubber covered cable for durability. The quality stereo sound lets you listen to music the way it was supposed to be. With cool bass and clear audio, this headsets are the perfect accessory to take with you anywhere.

Best Fit

The Galaxy Phone Earphones unique design is constructed to fit perfectly in the ear and provide maximum comfort. Its light weight making it easily portable giving you the convenience of listening to your music anywhere anytime.

Supreme Sound

The quality bass and clear audio ensure that the music you are listening to comes out the way it is supposed to. Powerful attacking bass, natural vocals, and precision highs for every play list.


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